Do you post on social media with no plan or consistency?

Are you feeling like you want to stop posting because you aren’t seeing any results?

Don't give up!

Help is here!


2022 Social Media Workbook & Planner for Holiday rentals

Social media is a great way to attract direct bookings for your business. 
But you do need to put in some effort…

The 2022 Social Media Workbook & Planner for Holiday Rentals can help.

This is not just any old planner – this has been created especially for the hospitality industry – a.k.a. you!

It is packed full of worksheets, planning pages that will generate engagement on social media and attract direct bookings.

What's inside?

> how to attract the ideal guest you want
> create content with my Idea Generator
> plan your entire year at a glance in a quarterly plan
> a whole list of holidays and awareness days in 2022
> monthly planning pages
> track your results monthly for best result

It is never too late to start!

For only £29, the 2022 Social Media Workbook & Planner for Holiday Rentals will help you:

> save time
Create unique content so there is no need to have useless generic posts

> stay consistent
Use the quarterly and monthly planning pages to plan ahead

> drive more direct bookings
Publishing unique quality social media posts will attract more direct bookings

Hi! I'm Jenn Boyles

Creator of the 2021 Social Media Workbook & Planner for Hospitality and an advocate for direct bookings in our industry. I help hospitality owners increase their direct bookings through having a direct booking website with bespoke branding and teach digital marketing techniques to prompt guests into booking with you.

Why do I want to help you?
I have been a fellow hospitality owner for the past eight years and have been around this industry all my life. I understand the importance of not relying on the OTAs 100%. As someone who has been working in design and marketing for the past 20+ years I know the techniques to help you. I love hospitality and I love you to build a successful direct booking business of your own.

Don't just take my word for it!


It is £29 and you can buy through the link below.

You will receive an email once you have ordered and paid. There will be a link in the email to the 2022 Social Media Workbook & Planner for Holiday Rentals enabling you to download it.

You can use it online however the 2022Social Media Workbook & Planner for Holiday Rentals has been designed to be used printed out. It is created on A4 size paper.

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