Let me guess...

Do you want to attract more direct bookings and make more money?

Do you want to decrease your dependency on the OTAs (online travel agents) and pay less commission?

If you said yes to either of those questions above, then you are in the right place!

Ready to start?

Is this you?

You are getting bookings by listing on an online travel agent’s site (like Airbnb) or an agent and are sick of paying so much in commissions.

You dread seeing your hard earned money drain way in front of your eyes.

You wish you felt confident enough to compete with the OTAs and generate your own bookings.

You wish you had the tech skills to be able to do more of your own marketing.

You wish you could have your ideal guest booking instead of random people online.

It doesn't have to be this way!

You are a holiday rental owner or manager, not a marketing expert. It isn’t your fault. You didn’t know that you’d have to become one in order to be successful with your holiday rental business.

What if I told you that I have a roadmap that you could follow?

I’ve already done the hard work. I know what you need to do and how to do it to get your ideal guest off of social media and on to your website to increase your direct bookings.

Hey, I'm Jenn

I’ve made it my mission to help my fellow holiday rental owners attract their own direct bookings instead of giving all their money to the OTAs in commissions!

I have 20+ years in design and marketing and a holiday rental owner for over eight years. I have created countless websites and helped countless businesses throughout that time. 

My clients have the benefit of my professional expertise and the skills I acquired running our own successful holiday rental business. 

Let me help you take your holiday rental business to the next level and decrease your dependency on the OTAs.

DO YOU KNOW THE TWO THINGS YOU NEED to generate direct bookings?

1.  A professional direct booking website (if you don’t have a website yet click here)

2. A strategy to attract your ideal guest to your site to book

If you have sorted the first then it is time to move on to number two…


Direct booking Success

A 12-week group programme for hospitality owners who want to decrease their OTA dependency and increase their income.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Clarify your IDEAL GUEST

The great thing about getting your own direct bookings is you can tailor your messaging to attract the type of guests you love to host. So we’ll figure out exactly who that is and craft your messaging to attract them so you’re confident that right people will be booking.

Step 2

build your rep online

We’ll create a plan of what to post and where on social media to build up your reputation online. This means you won’t have to worry about coming up with post ideas on the fly any or feel like you’re out of your depth any longer. We’ll ensure all those posts align the the messaging we’ve already covered so you’re only calling in those perfect guests.

Step 3

increase your visibility

We’ll look at all the other ways you can get found online so you’re not relying just on your social media posts. But have other avenues which are feeling you direct bookings as well and giving you the confidence that you can generate a consistent stream of guests on your own.

Step 4

put the plan together

We’ll then put everything we’ve covered in the previous sessions together into your own direct booking marketing strategy. We will take what fits in with you and your business and leave out what doesn’t. You don’t have to do it all to be successful. This plan will allow you to attract direct bookings and feel completely in control of growing your business without relying on anyone else.

Ready to book a call?

You are about to start building the holiday rental business that you dreamed about

and one that attracts direct bookings!

But hey! don’t just take my word for it

Here is what some of my clients have to say…

“Before I signed up with Jenn I dreaded having to ‘find’ a Social Media post for our Glamping Site. Having finished the one-to-one training I now have so many ideas and posts prepared and scheduled I hardly need to think about it.  It’s put me in control and importantly  I know that what I am posting is targeting the right people. I really looked forward to my weekly meeting with Jenn as it was exciting to learn about marketing options that I didn’t think I could do! I loved the programme and would definitely recommend it to others.”

Morag Sallabanks, Braeview Glamping

“We were true beginners at the start of this process! We now have a fabulous website, Facebook page, Instagram page and Google My Business. Our self catering holiday cottage has been let all summer and is fully booked for September and October, all direct bookings from our website. We are now looking ahead to the 2022 season. Thank you Jenn, we couldn’t have picked a better partner to work with.

Jenn has a wealth of knowledge and experience in branding, marketing and the hospitality industry. I wouldn’t have known where to begin. Now I understand what works for us and our business, what I need to do to keep that interest fresh if we are to continue to attract direct bookings and to give new media and marketing tools a try. Some will be right for your business and some won’t, don’t be afraid to give them a go.”

Sue Adkins, The Pippins

“It has been lovely working with Jenn and she has shared so much with me through the various sessions. Jenn has given me so much practical advice which has been directly implementable in to my business and has helped me move forward. Jenn’s experience has been invaluable and her approach to our sessions has been so well structured and organised.”

Rachel Hodge, Property by Polygon

The investment

Here are the nuts and bolts of the Direct Booking Success Group Programme

  • Twelve 90-minute sessions online
  • Each session is part training and part coaching with time to ask questions
  • One 30-minute one-to-one coaching session during the programme that you can book at any time
  • The subjects that we will cover are: messaging and your ideal guest; how to use content marketing; coming up with content ideas and the creation of a content marketing plan; which social media to use and how to use them; blogging; search engine optimisation; how to use Google’s free tools; email marketing and how to set it up; putting it all together into your own bespoke marketing plan
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